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Welcome to Tucson Flight School

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Your success depends on the flight instruction you choose....

Less than .0018% of the U.S. population has a pilot's license.

Do you have the inner drive to be in that category?  If you have the drive and commitment to do what's necessary to earn your pilot's certificate or simply want to add ratings on your way to becoming an airline pilot, we are here to assist you with your goals.

Want to become an airline pilot?  There's never been a better time than today.  The airlines are hiring now more than ever before.  If this is your dream, it would be our pleasure to help get you there.

Perhaps a career in aviation isn't for you, but you've always had that inner desire to be among the clouds and pursue the freedom of flight.  If that's you, it would be an honor to assist you with that goal.  Don't put it off any longer. Pursue your dream of flight today! 


Erwin Winkler, CFII

Chief Flight Instructor

Erwin is a former naval officer and an FAA designated Gold Seal Flight Instructor. His depth of instruction ranges from teaching flight instruction at the University of Oklahoma's School of Aviation Studies to a prestigious military academy to many hours of private lessons.

Erwin has helped many students accomplish their dream of becoming a private pilot or adding ratings and endorsements to their pilot certificates.  


Luke Rhoads, CFI

Flight Instructor

Ever since my first discovery flight, I fell in love with flying.  I knew right away I wanted this to be my career.  Becoming a flight instructor has always been important to me because I want to share the joy and freedom that being a pilot offers.  

If you've ever thought about flying, I recommend giving it a try.  I started in high school, obtaining my private pilot's license (PPL) just before graduating and haven't looked back.  

If you're interested in learning more about flying, I'd love to help you achieve your goals.



Blue Skies

What airport do you operate out of?

We operate out of Marana Regional Airport (KAVQ).

How long have you been involved in flight instruction?

Since 2007.

What certifications and/or endorsements can Tucson Flight School assist with?

Private Pilot Certificate, Instrument Rating, Commercial Certificate (A.S.E.L,) Instrument Proficiency Check (IPC's,) Complex Endorsement, High-Performance Endorsement, CFI and CFII.  We also conduct bi-annual flight reviews.

What makes Tucson Flight School different than most flight schools?

Many students come to us after they've been through one, two, three or more flight instructors without receiving a pilot's certificate or even soloing for their first time.  Too many flight instructors are simply trying to build up their hours and care very little about the success of their students.  At Tucson Flight School, we help students get across the finish line on their way to fulfilling their dream of becoming a pilot.  When the day comes for your checkride with an FAA examiner, you will be well-prepared having chosen Tucson Flight School for your flight instruction.

Do you offer ground instruction in addition to flight instruction?

While we highly recommend online programs for ground school due to the cost-effectiveness of that choice, we do offer ground instruction if students wish for more in-depth instruction or in preparation for their FAA written exams.

What other questions should I be asking when considering taking flying lessons?

You should be considering the qualifications of the instructor you choose. Many instructors are new to teaching others how to fly.  There's nothing wrong with this, as we all have to start somewhere, however, unless you want to be someone's test subject, you should chose a flight instructor who has many hours of flight instruction, has had many students cross the finish line, and most importantly, is teaching because they want to teach rather than just trying to build up their time on their way to the airlines.

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Congrats to some recent students!

Song Y. - passed commercial rating check ride, 12/2022

Mark P. - passed instrument rating check ride, 12/2022

Song Y. - passed instrument rating check ride, 11/2022

Azaria B. - passed instrument rating check ride, 11/2022

Christian B. - passed private pilot check ride, 10/2022

Shea L. - passed private pilot check ride, 8/2022

Will C. - passed private pilot check ride, 4/2022

Wilbur C. - passed CFII check ride, 4/2022

Wilbur C. - passed CFI check ride, 2/2022
Erwin C. - passed CFII check ride, 1/2022
Tommy Y. - passed private pilot check ride, 11/2021
Paco G. - passed CFII check ride, 10/2021
Azaria B. - passed private pilot check ride, 10/2021  
Jordan L. - passed private pilot check ride, 10/2021
Song Y. - passed private pilot check ride, 6/2021
Luke R. - passed instrument rating check ride, 5/2021
Michael A. - passed private pilot check ride, 3/2021
Emily N. - passed private pilot check ride, 3/2021
Braulio C. - passed private pilot check ride, 3/2021
Marcella L. - passed CFI check ride, 10/2020

Very proud of each and every one of our students!  They set their sights on a goal and plugged away until they were victorious!  Congratulations, from your Tucson Flight School Family!  

Airplane Wing

In Aviation News....

Blue Skies
Blue Skies

U.S. pilot shortages.

Blue Skies

Featuring one of Tucson Flight School's former students, Jordan Limon who earned his pilot's certificate 10/2021.

Blue Skies

Airlines are considering reducing the required training hours for new pilot applicants because they aren't able to hire pilots quickly enough.

Blue Skies

Through hard work and perseverance, you can achieve your dreams.

Airlines are now offering higher pay and attempting to lower hour requirements to fill shortages.

Ready to Serve You

Our Commitment to Your Success

It is a privilege to serve those who are willing to do what it takes to earn the right to fly.  We are passionate about teaching and if you are ready to accomplish your goal of flying, reach out today!  We would love to hear from you.

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Tucson Flight School


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Chief Flight Instructor

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